Why go Green NOW?

Many people resist the idea of going green when times are tight, but going green becomes even more relevant in a recession.

Going green is a sound financial alternative.

It has been shown by many studies that the cost premium for green building materials is only 2%, but it will give you a lifecycle savings (about 20 years) of 20% of total construction costs, which is 10 times your initial investment1.

In real terms:

$20,000 renovation x 2 % increased costs to build green = $400
$20,000 x 20% life-cycle savings = $4000 savings over 20 years
$4000 / $400 = 10 x initial investment.

That just makes good financial sense anytime, but particularly in a recession!

Consider your other investments that are consistently bringing you negative returns in this recession, investing in your home by renovating or upgrading is a short and long-term investment with various levels of benefits.

Direct benefits:
Creates a more functional, sustainable, liveable, energy efficient and healthy home.

Secondary benefits:
Lowers maintenance and operating costs

Tertiary benefits:
Increases the resale value of your home

Furthermore, the real-estate market for green properties is booming. 46% of buyers are looking for homes with green features & green homes can catch as much as a 25% premium over comparable conventionally built homes.

Green home design provides you with higher quality materials, lower maintenance requirements and costs, energy cost savings, more durable materials with a longer lifespan. Saving you time and money!

1 - Canadian Green Building Council; Greg Kats, Leon Alevantis, Adam Berman, Evan Mills, and Jeff Perlman, "A Report to California's Sustainable Building Task Force", October 2003