Why go Green?

new! There are many reasons to go green in your home. Perhaps you want to provide a safe, healthy place for your children to grow up. Or maybe you’re concerned about rising energy costs and diminishing resources. Your priority might be comfort, or durability, knowing that the house will last a long time with minimal maintenance, costing you less money and time. And for a growing number of us, greening our homes is about decreasing our footprint on the environment, both locally and globally, helping to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren while teaching them to care for their planet.

Quality of Life

Another, less often considered reason for going green is the significant and innate sense of well-being and comfort it creates for its occupants and visitors. Natural light, fresh air and greater reliance on passive heating and cooling create environments in tune with biological rhythms. Materials that connect with the land offer a quality of rootedness that gives a house a true sense of place, as well as providing unexpected gifts to the senses; giving your home its own vitality. It affects the quality of your life in a profound way, infusing the ordinary rituals of everyday life with delight and inspiration.

Intentional Lifestyle meets Intentional Design

And finally, there is another reason we often don’t consider because we may not even be aware of it. The places we live in exert an enormous influence upon us and how we live, whether or not we are consciously aware of it. Our home influences how we function, how efficiently we function, and how we interact with others, shaping our relationships. It affects our appreciation of beauty, our interaction with nature, our moments of stillness and our moments of celebration. The combination of intentional lifestyle with intentional design can have powerful results, promoting a better style of life in the fullest sense of the term.