Design Team

Karyn McLean is a green home design professional committed to creating healthy and sustainable homes. Her passion for green design drives her life and work.

new! Trained as a personal coach (Integral Coaching Canada), Karyn brings a distinctive offering to Green design. As a coach, Karyn has a unique way of unearthing and integrating your own individual design and functional needs of your home to support your lifestyle and value system providing you with various alternatives to meet and exceed your green aspirations. Karyn combines intimate knowledge of the industry with coaching by helping her clients to articulate their desires and aspirations, to clarify their mission, purpose and goals, and to help them achieve that outcome.

Karyn holds a BA from the University of Waterloo and is at the forefront of green development and research. Her additional training in project management allows Karyn to bring breadth and depth in an integrated approach to Green Home Design.