Greening your New Home

new! With our unique expertise in sustainable design, we can work with your team or we can help you to create a team of building professionals to realize your dream of a green home.

What we do:

  • Guide you through the green design from concept to execution
  • Ensure your project fits your life, values and goals:
    • Determine your goals and priorities for your home and lifestyle
    • Understand how you live and your relationship to your home
    • Determine your green lifestyle priorities
    • Understand how you want to interact with the environment around you
    • Design your project around the way you want to live your life

  • Evaluate your eco-goals and priorities from materials to overall mechanical systems that impact:
    • indoor air quality
    • energy efficiency
    • sustainability
    • site and landscaping
    • economic feasibility

  • Create a home that is ultimately healthier for you and the planet.
  • Connect your home with the sights, sounds and rhythms of nature.
  • Work with your building or renovation team from plan development to execution or any stage in between, using eco-friendly materials and construction methods.