Greening your Home

Making your home healthier and more eco-friendly may entail:

  • removing dangerous or toxic materials from your home
  • being more energy efficient and resource conscious thereby saving money
  • making informed decisions about what items you bring into your home
  • bringing your home into greater harmony with the living world

Clearing the air and opening to the notion of sustainability is a wonderful first step. Modifying your home so that it becomes a natural mediator - not a barrier - between you and the rest of the living world takes you further. A home that is warmed and illuminated by the changing light of the sun, cooled by breezes and the shade of trees, and filled with the sounds of birds, frogs and crickets in the garden is not merely energy-efficient and less expensive to operate, it is also healthful.

By reuniting you with the web of life your home will naturally nourish body and soul.

What we do:

  • Determine your goals and priorities for your home
  • Perform an assessment of your home, examining the health risks and eco-shortfalls
  • Provide you with a report detailing the opportunities for improving the health of your home and your ecological footprint within various levels of commitment
  • Guide you through the extensive options for making your home healthier and more eco-friendly. This considers choices from materials to overall mechanical systems that impact indoor air quality, energy efficiency, water use, sustainability and site and landscaping, ultimately creating a home that is healthier for you and the planet.
homeCheck out our video clip on greening your home.