Greening Home Consulting

It’s all about you.

If you’d like to tread more lightly upon the earth by making some changes to your life-style or existing home or you are planning a renovation or a new construction project, let us show you how you can make it fit your life, values, goals and budget!

What we do:

  • Determine your goals and priorities for your home and lifestyle
  • Understand how you live, your relationship to home and those you share it with
  • Determine your green lifestyle priorities
  • Understand how you want to interact with the environment around you
  • Design your project around the way you and your family want to live your lives


Depending on the scope of your needs, Eco Chic Living will help you:

  • Green your lifestyle by working with you to create simple shifts with dramatic results for you, your family, and the environment.
  • Green your existing home by identifying your biggest sources of health and environmetal offenders and offering alternatives to meet your level of commitment so that the transition to a healthier, greener home is gradual and continually inspiring.
  • Green your renovation by turning your blueprints green with the use of eco-friendly materials, construction methods, and overall design considerations.
  • Design your new green building from concept to execution, guiding you through the green design process.

Your money matters! It doesn’t cost a fortune to go green, in fact it costs only 2% more for green building materials with a 20% payback!