Green Lifestyle Coaching

new! Eco-friendly living has come of age and there are an infinite number of ways to join the green movement. We can help you navigate the plethora of information and the onslaught of greenwashing to show you some simple ways to safeguard your health and that of your family and the planet without compromising your lifestyle.

Every choice you make, from bathing to sleeping to cooking impacts you and your family, and is an opportunity to improve your health and the environment. Allow us to open the door to a natural, non-toxic lifestyle. We will work with you to create simple shifts with dramatic results!


We can introduce you to:

  • natural nutrition
  • healthier personal care products
  • non-toxic household cleaning products
  • sustainable fashion
  • personal eco-shopping services

Let us empower you, inspire you and give you the motivation to make dramatic changes in your life and in the world!

homeCheck out our video clip on greening your lifestyle.